Why Genucel By Chamonix Is Transparent About Their Ingredients And Business Practices

Millennials are now the largest generation of consumers in the United States. As a rule, they want more from the products they buy than previous generations did. They want the ingredients to be transparently listed, for example. Companies being transparent about their business practices is another thing Millennials want. It’s for these reasons and more that Genucel by Chamonix operates in a forthright and transparent manner when designing its products.

Genucel is an anti-aging brand and so many Millennials may be thinking about what their products have anything to do with them. Dermatologists say that taking care of your skin is something that should be a lifelong habit. This is one of the reasons why parents are told to apply sunscreen to their young children. Not taking care of your skin in your youth leads to sun-aged skin when older. It can also lead to skin cancers like melanoma.

Based on gazetteday.com, Genucel by Chamonix isn’t your typical anti-aging cream. While it is usually marketed to older adults, it offers many benefits to Millennials as well. Genucel uses natural and effective ingredients. They also offer subscriptions and auto-payments for their range of skincare products.

Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy is one of their products. This one is used around the eyes to keep skin tighter, younger-looking, and firmer. Their proprietary formula for this product is based on an active ingredient that comes from apple trees in Switzerland. They refer to this ingredient as PhytoCellTec on the packaging.

This product also contains Eyeseryl which is a naturally-derived tetrapeptide. This has been shown in clinical studies to reduce puffiness. The other ingredients in this Genucel product are Goji Berry Extract, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Algae Extract, and Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Another Genucel by Chamonix product is for the treatment of eyelids. This area features soft skin that, when a person gets older, loses elasticity. The Genucel treatment for this area features a natural source of vitamin E. This vitamin fights free radicals as it is an antioxidant. This helps protect skin from the effects of being out in the sun. It provides eyelids with a natural, youthful glow. You can visit glassdoor.com to see more about Genucel