What Businesses Don’t See, Nitin Khanna Does

Coming from India, wholesome, holistic Purdue engineering graduate, Nitin Khanna has no problem seeing what other professionals don’t and even less of an issue implementing what other businesses won’t. Since Nitin Khanna’s background had already been started as a dream, all he had to do was keep those good habits upon arriving on the American scene. Nitin Khanna and his brother were given structure by a military father and were fortunate to have been afforded a formidable education steeped in on-the-job-training. Imaginative play and a place at the center of the Khanna family instills in him practicality for his family today. The part of his persona as a family man comes naturally, probably because it’s what his family did when they set aside a particular time for him and his brother growing up in an entrepreneurial household.

On account of curiosity CEO Khanna is not known to be rigid. Peering eyes, with listening capabilities, translates to the flexibility to see things differently. This knowledgeable, young and invincible young man only needs the right timing to affect change. He started with computerizing government databases at a time when election results became so close they had to go to court. Nitin was 25, and his brother was 20 when they created hardware and software solutions for elections and drivers license departments for over 21 states through their first company called Saber. Selling when 1200 employees worked for Saber made it worth 120 million dollars, and then EDS purchased it for four times its worth ($460 million). Then Nitin Khanna was on his way to his next company called MergerTech.

Nitin Khanna has been involved with international mergers that banks like Bank of America won’t even touch because they cost too much to acquire. Having been successful 8 times and bringing people together that usually would not have gotten such a meeting without him, has given him the confidence to do more. Launching his latest endeavor with Cannabis Oil begins with educating the public on a broad scale. Timing helps Nitin Khanna win again because the legalization of marijuana has just started.

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