Top Plastic Surgeon in Dallas is Gaining More Popularity With His Practice

Plastic surgery is an area of medicine with a wide variety of opportunity. This says a lot for plastic surgeons who continue to grow their practices with much success. Why is it that Dr. Jejurikar himself is becoming more popular despite the largely successful practice he works out of?

Plastic surgeons replace skin, bone, and they work with various tissues to make the entire procedure flawless. This is why Dr. Jejurikar is focused on patient safety. His goal is to educate his patients on what measures they can take to feel better and look better once the procedure is over. However, he also focuses on their after care and how important it is to follow the instructions.

One of the best ways to keep patients safe, is to discuss risk management with them prior to a procedure. This is because plastic surgeons want their patients to know the risks of the procedure upfront before they make a final decision.

Dr. Jejurikar is known for putting patient safety first, and he is affiliated with numerous area hospitals. This is because those hospitals are aware of his reputation, and if he chooses to book an operating room with them, they are more than happy to oblige him.

Other patients have written great reviews about Dr. Jejurikar and his work. Many have reviewed him stating that he is thorough in his work, and he is also great when answering questions for his patients. He believes that a key component of developing a relationship with your patient is spending time with them, and letting them ask any questions they may have.

Additionally, it is his clarity when going over instructions that makes a big difference. He has been rated excellent on everything, and it’s no surprise that his patients are glad to refer their friends and family to him without hesitation.