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The TigerSwan Experience Reveals What Special Ops Training Is Like

The Chevy name draws images in people’s minds about reliable vehicles. For some, the Chevy brand connects with the reliable performance of the elite Delta Force soldiers. Chevy setup a simulated hostage rescue mission at The Range Complex (TRC) in North Carolina. The facility serves as a location where professionals who handle private security and other high-risk duties get in the necessary practice. Highly trained security teams such as the ones working for TigerSwan understand what becomes required to launch a successful rescue mission. For those outside the industry, the entire experience proves surprising.

Surprising to onlookers is Chevy’s involvement with the training simulation. To someone who works for TigerSwan, however, the Chevy name fits right into rescue missions. Two Chevy vehicles, the Tahoe and the Suburban, rose to the occasion and transported participants during the event. Special ops teams must rely on vehicles that work under pressure. So, the civilian participants aren’t the only ones who find the process a learning experience. The management at Chevrolet and the special ops crew see how their vehicles work during high-stress situations.

james reese tigerswan During the training, participants learned what the Delta Force and TigerSwan teams deal with when called on missions. The firing of live ammunition brings the necessary and dangerous realism essential for all participants to take things seriously.

The staff behind the management of TRC include Delta Force commander James Reese. Reese also serves as one of the managers of TigerSwan. His experience contributes to making sure TRC delivers on its primary function: train those whose expert talents others rely upon. The missions special ops teams undertake are serious ones. Lives are at stake. James Reese knows this well from his Delta Force and TigerSwan experiences.

Under the leadership of James Reese, TigerSwan grew into a top private security firm. Over the years, TigerSwan provided security on missions around the globe. At the unique training facility, people never involved with military or private security actions can see what the daring life is like.

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