The Health Impact Penelope Kokkinides Brought Through InnovaCare Health


Women are today on the frontline when it comes to improving health and fighting diseases. When a community is struggling with health issues, it’s hard to improve its economy. Health can determine how fast a nation or country grows. Penelope Kokkinides is among the eight women who went to the White House to discuss health matters with President Trump. She knew the ‘Women in Healthcare‘ panel would be a solution to the health problems that had oppressed most people on the Caribbean island called Puerto Rico. As the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health, she is passionate about the deteriorating health condition of those who live in this island.



Penelope successfully met President Trump to discuss federal healthcare legislation. Seema Verma, CMS Administrator was also present in that panel. The panel had its intensive discussion with Trump in the West Wing Roosevelt Room on Wednesday, March 22 this year. Other professional caregivers and executives from various organizations had also been invited. Penelope Kokkinides told Trump there was a need to increase Medicare Advantage funding within Puerto Rico. She was surprised to discover that the funding had dropped with more than $1 billion since 2011. Penelope Kokkinides said she was hopeful CMS would do the right thing to improve the health state of the Puerto Rico people.


InnovaCare Health has been on the lead in providing healthcare services in various parts of Puerto Rico. Dr. Rick Shinto happens to be the President and Chief Executive Officer of this organization. Rick announced he would add some new executive leaders to the InnovaCare team in July 2016. Some of the appointed new executives included Mike Sortino, Jonathan Meyers, and Penelope Kokkinides. Mike served as the Chief Accounting Officer, Meyers took the Chief Actuary Officer position, and Penelope became an executive officer in administration. Dr. Rick Shinto has been in the clinical and operational healthcare for over 20 years now.


Before Rick came to InnovaCare Health, he served as the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM California. Prior to joining NAMM, Rick was the chief officer in charge of management and operations at Medical Pathways. He was also the Vice President of Medical Management at MedPartners from 1996 to 1997. He became a pulmonologist specialist in Southern California after completing his medical studies. Penelope Kokkinides has what it takes to make healthcare management and clinical programs excellent. She held certain executive positions in different healthcare organizations such as Americhoice, Centerlight Healthcare, and Touchstone Health. The healthcare strategies InnovaCare Health offers in Puerto Rico are state-driven. InnovaCare partners with other willing organizations to transform the healthcare industry in Puerto Rico.