The growth of Gano and Organo companies under the leadership of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is well known for his expertise in direct sale companies. Chua’s career life has been to distribute the Ganoderma product through products that are used every day, such as coffee and tea. To aid in his operation, Chua has worked with two companies; Gano Excel and Organo Gold. He started his career in the Philippines, but along the years he was able to bring the product to North America. Chua was born in the Philippines but grew to learn the Chinese culture. This is how he came to learn about the select type of mushrooms that grow on logs in the woods and that produces the Ganoderma. Realizing that the brand had a medicinal effect, he took the opportunity to market through beverages. For more information on Bernardo Chua, visit

As he was establishing the market for his brand, he realized that the direct sales model was highly regarded in the Philippines; therefore, he decided to give it a try. Within no time, the business was a success and expanded to the global level. He now advocates for direct sales as the best method of business in the market. He holds various skills such as marketing, management, and networking. These skills have enabled him to venture into business, at the same time shifting positions at Gano Excel and later in leading his company Organo.

Bernardo Chua established Organo Gold in 2008. This was part of a bigger dream to make the production of Ganoderma products even higher. Due to the success of the brands in Asia, he decided to try the Western market, which also turned out to be successful. During his free time, Chua educates people about the benefits of using his products through his social media platforms. Due to his efforts to oversee the art of direct sales in the companies, Chua has received various awards such as the recent Dangal ng Banyan.

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