Teach to One: An Innovative Alternative to Traditional Math Class

Teach to one is a new approach to learning math curriculum emphasizing the needs of each individual student.

The program is implemented in the exiting public or private school and utilizes both teacher led and online lessons. Designed for grades five through eight, Teach to One is even able to accommodate students trying to catch up from a third-grade level.

Each student is evaluated at the beginning of the program to determine the academic level they have achieved, and to develop a personalized educational plan.

One large or several small rooms are designated as the math center and students work through an individualized schedule of learning activities each day.

Teachers collaborate together in the same class space organizing, facilitating, and directing a variety of learning situations called Modalities, reports by washingtonpost.com

Teach to One Modalities Expose Students to a Diversity of Learning Environments

Each day students are divided into groups called Modalities. Each Modality is designed to expose students to a variety of curriculum, life skills, and experiences. The Modalities are generally divided into three categories.

  1. Teacher led groups numbering form six to full class size, introducing students to curriculum.
  2. Collaboration groups of two or three to six. Students work together assignments with faculty assistance only as needed.
  3. Students work alone on lessons online or printed materials.

At the end of each math class, each student completes an individual assessment quiz. The results of which determine the schedule for the next day.

According to wordpress, teachers and students alike are aided by the Teach to One online platform, facilitating development, scheduling, execution and assessment of each individual student’s math education.

Teach to One Delivers More Than Curriculum

Participating in multiple educational endeavors produces enhanced application of the learning experience to life. The Teach to One math educational system provides much more than just academic inculcation. Lifelong imperatives including, self-motivation, executing instructions, setting and achieving goals, teamwork, and much more are taught through an individualized approach.