Steve Ritchie: Redefining Efficiency in the Food Market through Papa John’s

Did you know that the food industry is one of the few markets that grow with over a 10% rate every year? One of the companies that have made this consistent growth a reality is — Papa John’s. The company is not only home to tasty pizzas but also one of the companies that have experienced smooth transitions in the past four decades. Under the new leadership, the company is rewriting success in the food market. Steve Ritchie is not only taking over North America’s market, but he is also taking over other markets. In an interview this year, he pointed out that his company is keen on investing more in the Asian and the Europeans markets.

Steve Ritchie, however, understands that for him to make the above changes, he needs a strong team. His company employees hundreds of thousands of employees — directly and indirectly. Therefore, creating functional structures within the food company is essential. In less than two years, he has brought some of the best marketers to the company. He hopes that the marketers and the supporting staff will give his company an added advantage in the market. In addition to bringing some of the most talented individuals into the company, he understands the importance of empowering the other employees.

Steve Ritchie is a firm believer in training — especially in workplaces. In the past 17 months, he has been instrumental in putting structures that will enable in-job exercises to be part of the Papa John’s future. Ritchie understands that the food market — just like other markets — is fast growing in terms of customers’ preferences. Therefore, training employees on these changes is a game-changer in ensuring that the company capitalizes on the market changes. In addition to assisting employees with understanding market dynamics better, Steve Ritchie also hopes that these workshops will help employees to view diversity differently. He also hopes that the workshops will help them to appreciate all kind of customers. Through these changes, the food market is one of the most customer-friendly companies in this market.

Finally, he appreciates feedback —, especially from the company’s customers. In the years he has been part of the company — as a franchise owner and as an employee of the company — he has seen how feedback can transform a company. Steve Ritchie has enabled the entity to invest in structures; therefore, bridging the gap between the company and the market. The CEO is keen on understanding what customers feel and think about the company’s product. In return, Ritchie has used the information collected from the clients to improve the company’s delivery. In a June report by an independent body — on consumer satisfaction index in the food market — the company was among the best five places to buy pizza. This acknowledgment signifies his achievement as the new executive in the food company.