Steve Lesnard, Sports Marketing Genius

Steve Lesnard is one of the most sought after sports marketers in the business. Steve’s insight and intellect have helped companies learn how to run campaigns and learn more about their consumers in order to achieve success.

Steve grew up in France with a passion for sports. Throughout his business school experience he was in charge of the majority of the sporting events that were held within his school. Once his business degree was completed, he moved to the US to earn his MBA.

After graduate school, Steve Lesnard moved west and obtained a job in global sports marketing. Steve thrived and advanced quickly in his new sports marketing position. He helped sign athletes for the Olympics and create seasonal products for companies.

One of the reasons Steve has been a success in the industry, is because he knows the sports consumer can be impatient. He pushes brands he works for to effectively figure out what the wants and needs of the consumers are, then respond and develop quickly. He teaches each brand to be innovative and shift to create the desires of the modern sports consumer. Steve believes that putting the consumer at the center of each brands focus will give the company the highest success.

During Steve Lesnard’s career, he has developed products for the elite and the everyday athlete, which has given him a vast amount of knowledge about sports consumers. His knowledge allows him to push the boundaries in the sports marketing industry, all while benefiting the everyday consumer and very elite.

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