Southridge Capital Is A Great Reflection Of Its CEO:

Based out of the state of Connecticut, Southridge Capital is a firm that specializes in the realm of private equity. Southridge Capital is a provider of services in the investment banking realm and the security brokerage services realm. A big part of the overall Southridge Capital formula is to provide clients with structured finance as well as top-notch advisory services for the financial area.


The company enjoys a diverse range of clients and is proud of this fact. Another area that Southridge Capital really prides itself is in its outstanding team of executives that are all leaders in their field. Understanding the global marketplace is a major priority for the Southridge Capital team. Making this a priority has helped the firm to achieve a large amount of success that includes investing $1.8 billion into growing operations. This impressive record of success has all been accomplished since the firm’s 1996 founding.


The Southridge advisory branch is a truly impressive service that provides projected financial statements and financial analysis. The structured finance branch is equally impressive and provides services in the areas of providing enhancement to credit, finance solutions and securitization.


Southridge Capital’s Principal and Chief Executive Officer is none other than Stephen Hicks. Stephen is one of the most respected professionals in the financial industry and he has years of experience that he has gained since attaining his MBA from Fordham. The original idea behind Southridge Capital came from Stephen’s desire to strike out on his own. He founded Southridge while working for an NY based hedge fund. Stephen gives a lot of credit for his success to the fact that he gets an early start to every day and begins each day by reviewing the company’s portfolio. From there, his routine includes making the decision on what items need to be prioritized for the day in order to further the company’s success. For more details you can checkout



Stephen Hicks continues to innovate at Southridge Capital by utilizing his accumulated experience that he has gained by working in the industry. He also makes sure to have strong networking ties. Combining these factors has been a sure way to success for Southridge Capital. You can visit to see more.




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