Smita Shah Sharing With Up and Coming Female Entrepreneurs

Smita Shah is the founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of SPAAN Tech, Inc. With the success of SPAAN Tech under her belt, Smita Shah leads by example of what a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit can achieve. SPAAN Tech Inc. is an engineering company that Smita Shah founded in 1998 and has become highly in demand. At a young age, she found a deep interest in math while other children were more interested in playing outside. That focus in math is what helped her persevere in competitions while furthering her education. 


Smita Shah is a woman who had built a fast-growing, award-winning business through hard work and determination and feels that if she can do it, no reason why other women can’t. This is a mission she set for herself to share whenever given the platform to be heard. She wants women to see that not all successful entrepreneurs are men. There may not be as many successful women entrepreneurs out there, but they do exist and she is one of them. That is why she encourages women who are interested and working hard at becoming successful entrepreneurs.


Your success as an entrepreneur is all about the passion, dedication, and the work you put into your business. Smita Shah has found that women need to be strong and not afraid to show their abilities to take charge when necessary in business. There is no gender when it comes to succeeding just like there’s no gender when it comes to failing. The possibilities to excel as an entrepreneur are up to you to go forward when the opportunity presents itself. Especially, if you have the skills. Learn more:


A few things Smita Shah wants to share with women seeking to achieve their goals as an entrepreneur is to not only believe in themselves but to believe in their abilities. If you put in the work to obtain the knowledge needed, then own it and don’t be afraid to show people what you are capable of doing. If you want people in the business to look at you as a businesswoman, you have to dress and present yourself as a businesswoman. That is how you exert your presence in a business setting. When you walk into a room, let everyone see that you mean business. Another thing she mentions is to be aggressive when need be. Don’t let people cut you off or take credit for your work. Stay focused on the business at hand and not what happened before or what could happen. Don’t give or take special treatment from anyone. It could put you in a bad position and not seen, the way you want to be seen. Stay professional to maintain the respect you earned and try to keep your personal life separate. And lastly, when starting a new business you want to work around the clock, but it is important to budget your time so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

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