Smita Shah Is A Powerful Business Leader Who Works To Lift Women Up

Smita Shah is a woman who is teaching women how to feel empowered and confident in today's
business world. When she was younger, she focused on learning instead of playing with her friends
like everyone else was doing. She eventually took part in math relays when she was in college and
became known for her talent through these events. She now runs an engineering management
firm that is in operation to improve communities in the United States. Instead of only focusing on
making money, she has dedicated herself to lifting other women up so they can find the same kind
of success as she has.
Smita Shah has many specific tips for women, who need all of the help they can get in a male
dominated workforce. In a recent article, she commented that women need to believe in
themselves and that they need to appreciate the skills they have that got them to where they are
today. The people who look at their good and bad experiences as teachers, of a sort, end up
learning and becoming more wise. Shah encourages women to give themselves the same kind of
credit they would give to one of their employees.
Smita Shah has also suggested that women should have a strong presence in the workforce. She
knows that first impressions are of great importance and that many women need to focus on being
strong business leaders that people can look up to. Shah knows when women behave as stable
businesswomen, they get the respect they are looking for. She actively encourages women to take
on more of a business posture rather than using their charms to attract business partners.
Smita Shah has a deep understanding of the hierarchical nature of the business world today, and
she believes they need to make others respect their position. Many women focus on collaborating
with others whenever they can, but they shouldn't allow people to disrespect them or their
authority. Shah recently commented that one way women can maintain their authority is by not
letting others call them only by their first name.

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Smita Shah founded SPAAN Tech, Inc. during the later part of the 1990s, and her company has
been recognized as a leader in its industry by many major media publications since. She studied
engineering at Oxford University, MIT, and Northwestern University and is licensed as a
professional engineer in more than one U.S. state. Shah gives many public talks where she helps
women to become better business leaders, and she has also received many different awards for
her accomplishments in her field. It is her desire to reach as many entrepreneurs as she can during
her lifetime with her message of hope and innovation.

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