Sharon Prince Contributions to the Development of Grace Farms

Sharon Prince believes that hopeful spaces matter, especially when working towards the good of the society and the environment. Space is inspirational t communicates and speaks life to people; thus, her idea of the Grace Farms, Sharon thinks of the farm as a sanctuary. Grace Farms sits on an 80- acre piece of land which is natural and preserved in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Through her efforts, the farm has been able to build visionary aspects for the farm such as nature, justice, community, and faith. Sharon Prince possesses great leadership skills within three years; she has been able to build hopeful space through her vision.

Involvement in Philanthropic Activities

Grace Farms constitutes of wildlife and human trafficking, which is made possible through restoration of nature. Currently, the farm hosts about 80 different species of birds and endangered animals that would go into extinction if not restored naturally. The farm is dotted with parks with different wild animals and different plant species, making one connect with nature.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms believes that Grace Farms is a work of philanthropic innovation, geared towards the good for the society. The farm is a non-profit organization and a government agency that is open to the public to experience nature. The farm fosters community development through exploration of faith encountering art and persuasion of justice.

Sharon Prince has been able to convert the farm through the creation of awareness and resolution of pressing issues in society. The programs at Grace Farms can be said to be catalytic in global change through the building of skills which drive purpose for building a diverse entrepreneurial team. Sharon Prince possesses the attributes of a true leader and environmentalist. She hopes to inspire future generations on the importance of environmental conservation; she says that the works started at Grace Farms will have a great impact in the future is the current generation embraces the importance of environmental conservation.

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