RBS Group Taking Home All The Awards

RBS Group won many of the awards that were given out at the 59th Annual ARI/Banrisul Journalism Awards. RBS Group took home 37 of the 65 awards. Winning one award is a huge accomplishment so being able to take home over thirty of the awards is absolutely remarkable. RBS Group went in to the awards ceremony not expecting to win anything because they were going up against many well known and well respected companies. There were given a huge opportunity and they are very proud of their accomplishments and how far they have came through the years. Led by Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the foundation was laid for awards and new divisions. Eduardo Sirotsky Mezler is also known as Duda Melzer.


RBS Group won many awards in categories like sporting, radio journalism, photojournalism, graphic planning, and many other categories. The awards that RBS Group won were all between first and fourth place awards. This was a huge opportunity for RBS Group. The awards ceremony was held in a building in Porto Alegre that is used as the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


The idea for RBS Group came from a man who is passionate about communication and business. RBS Group is now one of the biggest communication companies found throughout Latin America. They now work with many different types of entertainment including television, radio, and many others. The mission that RBS has is to allow journalism and entertainment connect in a way that makes peoples lives better.


RBS Group has been working very hard since they started their business to continue to grow it in a way that is going to affect people in a positive way for a very long time. They want to see their business do good for others. RBS Group is going to continue to grow and take over more multimedia communications. There is no telling how far Grupo RBS is going to go in the future. Their future is very bright.