Q & A with marketer and consultant Gustavo Martinez

An experienced marketer and consultant named Gustavo Martinez answered some questions that has been posted on interview.net about his career, advice to other entrepreneurs, and the future of the industry. As stated, Gustavo Martinez is a prominent figure in the advertising and marketing industry with over 35 years of experience as he has worked for some well-known firms such as J. Walter Thompson Worldwide and as the leader of Olgilvy and Mather and McCann Group. In the first question, the individual describes the similarities and differences between advertising and marketing. He defines a consultant as someone who offers their services to others. When it comes to the marketing industry, the one important trait that he notices is creativity and that being the ingredient to a firms success. Employers in the marketing industry tend to hire people who do not follow a specific routine such as people that work in offices. He reflects that he has worked as a consultant and executive. He believes that creativity is what drives the marketing industry and that a successful formula involves hiring individuals who follow their own schedule. Gustavo Martinez notes that he is working on his company named UV Business Acceleration that helps startups as a majority of them tend to fail within just 3 years. His company plans to help out many startups through marketing, developing products, and following principles. Martinez reflects that his days are spent waking up early, eating breakfast, checking emails, and looking at the news in business, followed by some traveling here and there. One key to bringing ideas to life for him is through creativity and by working effectively as a collective team. He believes that he must set up people to succeed, recognize everyone, and give respect when it is due. The environment at work also equally matters. One trend that excites him is what the power of the internet can do later on for marketing products. For example, he describes that deliveries in the future can be done by drones. Some traits that he describes that he has that makes him successful as an entrepreneur are being a good listener, being nice, and making everyone feel that they are special. He would have told his younger self to be more patient. Gustavo Martinez shares advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs to be nice, be open to other opinions and working within a team. One secret he gives that helped him when growing his business was in hiring the right kind of people for the job and who are the most talented. Martinez shares one unpopular viewpoint for people who do charity to not take credit or any reward for having done it as he believes it takes away from the spirit of it. An example he shares is donating money to a college and with people who attach their name to a new building or something else. He believes people should just do things out of kindness and not take credit for it in that way.


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