Paul Mampilly – Stock Market Analyst and Expert With Years of Experience

Paul Mampilly is amongst the top investment experts in the United States today and has the experience of working for some of the top banking organizations in the financial industry. Starting his career as an assistant portfolio manager for Banker’s Trust, Paul went on to work for many major financial and banking organizations in the United States, such as ING, Kinetics Asset Management and Deutsche Bank. Paul has worked for many years at Wall Street, and during this time, he realized that the ordinary people do not have access to the financial expertise that top organizations and high net worth individuals have.  Thus, the main street Americans continue to struggle to manage their finance smartly and wisely, which results in losses most of the time.Read more on

Paul Mampilly says that the secret to success when it comes to investing is all about doing research and investing when the time is right. One should not follow the random  investment advisor who appears on TV or financial shows blindly but must base their investment decisions on proper and thorough research. It is what would help the people make an informed choice about where and when to invest. Paul Mampilly currently works for Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is serving the role of senior editor. Paul is responsible for several of the most famous financial newsletters in the country, subscribed by thousands of people. The newsletters that are edited by Paul are True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, and Million Dollar Club. Paul Mampilly usually focuses on the stock market in which he has a ton of experience and can pick up the mid-cap stocks that he firmly believes would move up in value shortly. The advice that he provides in the newsletters has proven to be helpful for his readers, who have gotten good returns time and again from his guidance.

Paul Mampilly says that even though the stock market is an excellent venue for investment, one must always research before investing due to the risks involved with stock market investments. Taking the help of the experts such as Paul would be good for you when investing in the stock market. Check out this link