OSI Group Takes On New Project In Co-Manufactuering The Impossible Burger

OSI Group is always taking on new plans and new projects. Co-manufacturing the Impossible Burger is their latest project. OSI wanted to help Impossible Foods with their meatless burger because the company understands what is needed to bring an idea to production at a speed and volume that clients demand.

This meatless burger is called the Impossible Burger. It tastes exactly like a beef burger but is made of plant proteins. The meatless burger is delicious. The meatless burger is healthy. The meatless burger is making Impossible Foods a lot of money. Impossible Foods has their own operations in California. However, their operations have proven they are not suit to care for the growing demands and needs of their clients. This is where OSI has came into play to help organize a more sufficient way in producing the Impossible Burger. For more information about OSI Group, view their organization at Crunchbase.

Midwestern facilities owned by OSI Group have opened their doors and prepared for Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods will be using these facilities to produce their Impossible Burger in a larger and faster quantity. Creating this burger and taking it mainstream has helped IMpossibel Burger make a name for itself. Right now their burger can be purchased from select fast food places. However, with the help and guidance of OSI Group they plan to put these burgers in grocery stores all around the country. By the end of the year, Impossible Burgers should be appearing in grocery outlets around the country. OSI is working to make this dream come true for Impossible Foods.

OSI Group has a long reputation of partnering with the right people and companies to create great products. OSI is a holding company comprised of several smaller entities that all operate in the food processing business. The company has the resources, staff, factories and capacities to create and transport almost any type of food. This is why Impossible Foods have signed a short term and long term contract to work with this company. Impossible Foods is getting much needed guidance and help from a legend in this business. Both companies will mutually benefit from this relationship because they are both equipped and experienced enough to help each other.

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