OSI Group Become Co-Workers and Co-Producers with Impossible Foods

OSI Group has become the co-producing partner with Impossible Foods; the Redwood City headquartered plant-based food science company located in Silicon Valley. Not only is OSI Group Impossible Foods co-producer by a deal recently made between the two companies but also the co-worker of OSI in its 20,000 workforces it will use to distribute the Impossible Burger thru its expansive network of distribution channels located in 65 locations globally. Impossible Foods originated in 2011 when it first launched its startup in Silicon Valley in the hopes of finding the perfect combination of all plant-based ingredients for its perfect plant based burger. During its initial research and development, it found many of the elements it was looking for but wasn’t until later in their study where they located their key ingredient of “heme,” which is a protein found in both plant and animal, which acts in the animals bringing oxygen to the cells.

The “heme” located by Impossible Foods is found in soybean roots and works like that found in animals and has the quality of a cause for eating meat. The ingredient is used in the new Impossible Burger, which gives the same desire for meat, but it is a soybean protein-producing the effect when the all plant-based burger is eaten. The Impossible Burger has no beef in it and is 100% plant-based. In mid-2016, Impossible Foods debuted its Impossible Burger to a group of critics at David Chang’s, a Korean-American chef in New York City. Momofuku Nishi is the restaurant where the Impossible Burger was debuted with high acceptance by many critics. Impossible Foods was very enthusiastic about the results of the critical review and tasting at Momofuku Nishi.

Hundreds of orders were received by the Impossible Foods headquarters in charge of high quality product placement. Over two years, the demand for the Impossible Burger sky-rocketed beyond expectations, and Impossible Foods reached out to OSI Group to offer a co-production agreement if OSI Group would join Impossible Foods effort to keep up with the high number of orders it needed to produce.OSI Group has worked with Impossible Foods and now participates in the effort to co-produce the needed Impossible Burgers in its Chicago production plant and fulfills the orders needed to keep up with the demand. Sheetal Shah, speaking for Impossible Foods, reported that the company is happy to work alongside OSI and has confidence they can go anywhere and everywhere with the broad support of OSI.

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