OSI Food Solutions Is A Leader of Value-Added Protein Products

Do you have a general interest in the food industry? Have you ever heard of OSI Food Solutions? Well, this particular food manufacturer is a food juggernaut to say the least. OSI Food Solutions is a class-act on levels of service as the company provides services in food distribution, food development and food management. Some of the most diverse tastes are being produced here. OSI utilizes a variety of cooking methods that will meet the demands of the public. This includes char-marking, spiral steam, sautéing, searing and many others. Value-added protein products is the name of the game. Success has come from multiple avenues, such as building strong relationships, providing high-quality foods and partaking in acquisitions. Learn about OSI Food Solution at Quantum

Some of the traditional foods include pasta, steak, fritters, pot roast, desserts, cookies, Tofu, chicken nuggets, chicken wings, meatloaf, hot dogs, sliced bacon, ribettes, chicken fried steak, turkey products, bacon bits, soup, beans, onions, cucumbers, chili and countless others. In March 2019, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine listed OSI Food Solutions as the sixth largest meat processor in its food processors report. Forbes has even listed OSI as the 63rd largest private company in the US as it brought in nearly $6 billion.

OSI Food Solutions has been able to sustain itself by simply evolving with the times. Having the ability to stay on top of industry trends has caused for less headaches. Managing a company this size can be mindboggling, but Sheldon Lavin has found a recipe for success. Sheldon Lavin is the CEO, and he has provided outstanding leadership for more than 30 years. OSI Food Solutions’ trajectory is still climbing and thanks to the company’s interest in plant-based products, its growth will continue to skyrocket even in the years to come. Visit: https://www.lzjobs.de/Jobs/OSI-Food-Solutions-Germany-GmbH.23166.html