Neurocore Is Changing Lives Through Neuroscience

ADHD can be difficult for both the people that have it as well as their loved ones. For many people that are suffering from ADHD, medications just aren’t a good fit. Fortunately, science has allowed humanity to understand the brain in recent years and people have seen big improvements after treating their disorders like ADHD and depression with neurofeedback. While those who are working on the side of pharmaceuticals may say they are suspicious of how effective the methods used are, many of those who have used Neurocore have reported seeing changes in their disorder. One of the most vulnerable groups with ADHD are children and the rate of children diagnosed with the disorder are going up in the demographic.


The symptoms that a child will with ADHD vary depending on their age and other factors. Children with ADHD may run around and climb on top of things when they were not supposed to or they could just be talkative in class. With children as young as 3 being diagnosed with ADHD, Neurocore is able to treat children with the disorder as well as adults. It’s important to remember to follow up at home even if you are getting your child treatment. It’s important to set boundaries and to discipline your child without violence if they disrespect you. You can create a behavior modification plan to follow as well to further set these boundaries. It is also a good opportunity to reinforce good behavior as well.


The approach that Neurocore takes when it comes to treating mental illness is relatively new but is based on science that has been around for many years. Neuroscience has come a very long way when it comes to the brain and Neurocore is trying to use this information to help those that are suffering every day from mental disorders that are not being treated in an effective way. Neurocore first opened in 2004 in order to start helping these patients and now they have grown from a facility located in Michigan to a total of 9 centers in Boca Raton, Florida as well as Livonia, Michigan.


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