Matt Fleeger’s Impact at Gulf Coast Western in Oil and Gas Exploration

Matt Fleeger is an experienced manager who oversees the operations of Gulf Coast Western. He is the chief operating officer of the company and has been instrumental in its growth. Matt has a sound background in business, and his management skills are tacit proof of his excellence in the roles he has played.

Matt’s Professional Background

Matt Fleeger graduated with a Business Administration degree at Southern Methodist University. The knowledge and skills he acquired were instrumental as he kick-started his career in business. Matt was passionate about entrepreneurship.

His interests to unleash his potential in the business world prompted him to establish Medsolutions Company. The company specialized in the treatment, transportation, and disposal of medical wastes from the health institutions. Through hard work, persistence, and diligence, Matt was able to spearhead the growth of his company. He later sold the company to Stericycle making huge profits.

Matt also established two tanning companies, which included Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. As a serial entrepreneur, he developed Mystic Tan from its humble beginnings to become one of the largest tanning companies in the country.

Matt’s Influence at Gulf Coast Western

Matt’s interests in the oil and gas industry prompted him to join Gulf Coast Western. Having spearheaded the growth of various companies, he was promoted as the chief operating officer of the company.

Gulf Coast Western specializes in the discovery and development of oil and gas reserves in the Gulf Coast region in the United States of America. Matt has been able to create partnerships with other oil and gas companies enabling Gulf Coast Western to expand its operations in various regions.

The company utilizes research and partnership to discover oil and gas wells. Gulf Coast Western has been able to expand in Southwestern Louisiana through partnerships with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners. The association has enabled Gulf Coast Western to acquire property rights and access to numerous drilling locations and working interests in more than ten oil producing wells.

Principles of professionalism are the guiding principles of the company. Under the leadership of Matt Fleeger, the company obtained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for its commitment to business ethics.