MAGFAST Charges on the go

If you have more than one device in your home, you likely have quite a bit more than one. One of the more annoying problems we’ve all run into in the 21st century issue of having cords trailing all over the house. When we ball them all up, they look even worse.

This is where wireless chargers come into the picture. MAGFAST is making its way into the market this fall and when it finally does arrive, it might actually turn the market on its ear.

Seymour Segnit came up with the device, saying he wanted to make something that his own family would want, and managed to get a crowdfunding campaign to bring the device to reality.

Segnit says the MAGFAST line of chargers are going to be coming later this fall. When they do make their arrival, cleaning up your pile of cords is only the beginning.

These chargers are said to be ones that will make it so you can place either an Android or Apple device on the magnetic wireless chargers. The MAGFAST will plug directly into the wall, making sure that there isn’t a cord coming from this thing that will make plenty of mess.

The chargers are also going to rely on allowing more than one device to sit on the charger at a time. That will allow you to get rid of a ton of different cords from your house.

If your issue is that you have a ton of cords trailing out of your car charger, MAGFAST has you covered there as well. Like the home charger, the one that fits in your car will plug directly into the charger in order to make your car look cleaned up as well. Cleaning up and charging fast are coming to your home quickly.