Lori Senecal: Her Contribution in Growing Global Brands

Lori Senecal is a global advertising expert who has been influential in growing companies globally. She is a visionary leader who has exceptional strategic skills that have helped her establish a successful career in branding. Lori describes herself as an introvert despite her success in advertising. However, she has been able to rise above her introversion to create partnerships and establish networks in the industry which has played an important role in her career.

Lori’s educational background has been important towards her success. She studied commerce at McGill University with a major in finance and marketing. She acquired relevant knowledge to succeed in advertising. This is however not the only tool that has pushed her to her leading global positions. GC Report describes Senecal as a hardworking advertising personality who is not afraid of navigating her way in a male dominated position. She has held various top positions which have encouraged her to do more in building herself as a brand sought by big companies.

Senecal’s reputation as a transformational and change leader has been recognized by global companies which have sought her expertise in growing their global presence. She has attracted contracts from BMW, Coca Cola and Nestle to increase brand awareness and create more clientele for their products. She continues to partner with large companies that are keen on ensuring their products achieve global presence and appeal to a larger market.

Lori Senecal has over ten years of experience in advertising working with various companies. She worked at Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners as a chief executive officer. She supported the company’s employees towards improving performance by a large margin. The company had two hundred employees who grew to more than eight hundred under her leadership. She helped it gain global recognition and grow its revenue.

Senecal has also worked with McCann World group as a senior executive which enhanced her skills and expertise. She is currently the chief executive officer at both Crispin Porter & Bogusky and MDC Partners where she oversees the execution of global strategies. Lori is also committed to inspiring other women to pursue leadership roles. She appeared at the 3% conference that recognizes women in leadership where she encouraged creativity to solve some of the challenges experienced in the industry.