LocationSmart Masters Geolocation For Global Businesses

Online communications are the preferred method for business and consumers alike in the modern economy. In order to do that they’ll need a swathe of data that makes clear where users are, allows them to control who can access their networks, and combat fraud. LocationSmart specializes in geolocation and assessments that can help a business, no matter the industry, respond to challenges in real time.


Founded in 1995 as TechnoCom Location Platform, LocationSmart has grown to be the largest location-as-a-service business in the US. That visibility comes with an understanding of location data, how they affect all kinds of connected devices has placed them at the top of this industry.


Mobile device use is increasing with every year. According to telecom Cisco, by 2021, the average person will be using an estimated four mobile devices a day. Accessing and making sense of those IP addresses and where the user is physically located, can give a business the edge in optimization.


IP addresses have long been logged by businesses over the years to keep records of users when logging on to their network. But LocationSmart has the capability of going further, learning of the physical location of users. This means learning if a particular user is getting online with the help of an IP masker that may violate a business’ terms of service. This would be the heads up a business needs to learn that they must limit account access or end service in order to maintain the integrity of their network.


Other forms of fraud that involve copyrights, like piracy, can be caught by geolocation. Streaming services offer up a wealth of content for a price, and some users may resort to password sharing to avoid making separate accounts. Some accounts may be using their access to pirate the content they can access. Geolocaiton can spot patterns consistent with this kind of behavior, letting a business know that their content is being improperly accessed.


This kind of traffic monitoring let’s LocationSmart spot patterns in where IP addresses originate from and if/how proxies are being applied, signs that an attack may be imminent.


LocationSmart can also handle data that improves the customer experience. When building a truly global business, considerations need to be made about a user’s regional needs and online capabilities. Knowing where users are can assist in the localization process, matching language and usage needs for the best customer experience.


LocationSmart lets businesses know when threats are nearing their network and what their customers need most so they can make the decisions necessary to build a better enterprise. These are the same services that come into play when meeting regulatory standards, keeping up with communications internally, executing transactions, and so much more. With more regular mobile device usage, IP addresses will increase in number. That’s data every business needs in order to protect their assets, deliver for their partners, and prioritize consumer confidence in an online marketplace.


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