LocationSmart helps you staty competitive

The world has become connected. Disney song writers never imagined how easy global communication would become when they wrote the song “It’s a Small World” and the real Captain Kirk, if such a person existed, would be embarrassed seeing what our communicators, also known as cell phones, can do compared to his walkie-talkie that can be used over thousands of miles. LocationSmart helps keep organizations with workers who may work on six out of the seven continents, and possibly all seven, connected. How do they do this? Through cloud-based technologies.


While words like “cloud” and “blockchain” are often thrown around by people who do not understand them, the idea of cloud computing is easily understood, it is simply software running on someone else’s computer. These computers can help with asset tracking and other cyber security features such as geofencing. Geofencing simply limits what someone can do based on location. This is crucial for higher risk systems. Systems with the most sensitive data may be air gapped and prevented from accessing the Internet entirely. The latter strategy is used mostly in government facilities.


Not only can LocationSmart help protect assets all around the globe, it can help larger companies keep track of who they have hired and where. While American politicians worry about this statistic, many companies are setting up tech support facilities in developing nations. This is often why non-paid tech support is routed to a call center in India. It saves the companies money. It also causes time zone issues when headquarters needs to call these facilities to see how they are doing. LocationSmart’s cloud-based services can help with many aspects of time management as well.


LocationSmart knows the importance of being able to think globally, but it is also important for the members of a company to also think of themselves as being members of a community. This is a hard feeling to foster when people are scattered around the world. Fortunately, using the right technology can make the process easier for larger organizations with a global workforce. The work force could moved back to the United States, but they risk losing their competitiveness.


To learn more, visit www.locationsmart.com.