Jeremy Goldstein Spreads the Money for Helping People

This past May in the upper level of a New York City venue, a wine dinner party was held. It was full of guests from around the business industry in terms of high ranking officials and lawyer experts. This was the most recent event to be held in honor of The Foundation House. Jeremy Goldstein is a board member of the organization and planned this event as a fundraising strategy. All the guests had a great time and every penny collected was donated to a good cause. An event of this style is only possible due to Jeremy Goldstein’s wide influence in both the charity and law industries. Gazette Day wrote a piece about how this event brings together all aspects of this individual.


The sequence of actions that lead up to this dinner party all steams back to the childhood of Jeremy Goldstein. He was a curious child who struggled to pick a specific career. This period was one of self-exploration watching the world evolve around him. He eventually settled on studying law to become a well respected attorney. The path was full of hurdles, but Jeremy Goldstein never once stopped believing in himself. By the time he finished at New York University School of Law, he was ready to create a name for himself. Luckily for him, there was a need for new lawyers as businesses were seeking a new sense of legal advice. A period of changes ideals is often a time of great opportunity.


Jeremy Goldstein was a staple name of the business industry within just a matter of years. He had the status and knowledge to weigh in on cases not directly in his hands, and even more so on cases that would have huge ramifications around the world. The New York City business landscape is kept in check under his supervision. However, there are made sides to society regardless of the era. Mental illness is steadily becoming a rampant issue as barriers around people shift with the technology. The Foundation House was created in 1944 when New York City was a much smaller place. It was simply a group of people seeking help with each other.


The city grew and grew into the 21st century, and likewise the role of the Foundation House followed suite accommodate the needs of people. This is an organization trying to reform society from the ground level upwards. The first order of business is to make their voices heard. They wish to impart their beliefs upon bigger organizations, in order to give mentally ill individuals the best chance to improve their lives. Research has shown individuals in the system have a much higher likelihood of completing their education or finding a job. Jeremy Goldstein believes everyone has a potential that can be tapped into.


The industry of law and the industry of charity have a lot in common. They are both founded on the principle of giving people equal chances to succeed. There is much money to spread around.


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