JD.com Works With Its Staff To Create An e-commerce System

When it comes to successful e-commerce companies in China, JD.com should be mentioned alongside other stalwarts like Alibaba.com. JD.com CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong is the big impetus behind the success of the company. And had it not been for a SARS epidemic over a decade ago, Richard Liu’s entrepreneurial path may have been very different. Indeed, the SARS epidemic, which occurred in 2003, put a significant strain on his early stint as an entrepreneur.

JD.com was noted to have a 60 billion dollar price tag for the whole company. And Forbes.com also cited Liu Qiangdong’s net worth at 11 billion dollars. But, Richard Liu had many early setbacks as an entrepreneur. Richard Liu had nearly one dozen brick-and-mortar businesses that were closed as a result of a 2003 SARS outbreaks, which crippled his big business plans.

But, Richard Liu changed direction and his commerce business in China flourished over the last five years. JD.com has earned awards for their focus on efficiency and sustainability with the SEAL Award they were given. Libo Ma heads the Corporate Responsibility Program (CRP) at JD.com. Ma provides the impetus for the positive things JD.com has achieved concerning sustainability. JD.com has a Corporate Responsibility Program which creates ways to promote and encourage sustainability.

JD.com’s sustainability initiatives are many. They focus on creating items to packaging the items. Then they sell the product online after that. JD.com and Ma have provided that their actions have been the right ones when it comes to sustainability and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Their initiatives include many successful ventures. JD.com has gotten plenty of attention, especially from the SEAL Award voting panel.

JD.com works with its staff to create an e-commerce system that is very focused on reaching its goals regarding sustainability and other initiatives. JD.com has embraced state-of-the-art technology regarding its supply chain network. Their business systems are dynamic, yet efficient concerning the delivery of their goods.

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