Jason Hope’s Dedication To The Fight Against Aging

Co-founded by Aubrey de Grey, SENS is a nonprofit organization focused on finding medical breakthroughs to treat, and prevent, the negative consequences of aging. To do this SENS Research Foundation relies on the support of private funding from researchers, scientists, and dedicated investors. One of their major investors is Jason Hope, who is an entrepreneur that has made major contributions towards anti-aging research for several years. He is not only a contributor; he is a strong supporter vocally expressing the need for support for anti-aging research. It is because of dedicated supporters like Jason Hope SENS hosts the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference yearly. It is during this conference co-founder Aubrey de Grey discusses the importance of reaching the goal of developing new medications to combat the negative consequences of aging. At the same time Aubrey de Grey takes the time to educate attendees of the importance of their goal while thanking their dedicated contributors (Gazette Day, 2017).

For a man such as Jason Hope the question of why he donates is bound to arise, but to understand why he donates it is important to understand him as a person. Born in Arizona, he graduated from Arizona State University with his bachelors in finance before obtaining his MBA at W.P. Carey School of Business. It wasn’t long after graduating with his MBA that he was recognized for his skills in the business world. It was because of his expertise he was admired, and even desired as a mentor, by new and experienced entrepreneurs. Having a background in business it can be a curious thing as to why he donates to a medical organization funding their research. However, the answer is simple. Anti-aging is one of his main interests, and he is inspired by an organization such as SENS that’s innovatively exploring unorthodox ideas concerning anti-aging. The SENS Research Foundation focuses on fighting aging by finding cures for diseases that cause progressive degeneration resulting in a person aging faster than they should. They work to cure degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson disease, and lung disease, which all progressively break down the human body causing aging to occur at a faster rate. It is this innovative thinking that motivates Jason Hope to dedicate himself in being a donor for SENS Research Foundation helping them reach their goal of fighting aging.

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