James River Capital

Funding your business can be a difficult thing, especially if you do not have money of your own for startup costs and more. For those that have a great idea and want to move forward with it and forward with developing their idea and putting it into the flesh, the right investment firm is a must. James River Capital Corp. is a company that can do more for you and more for your blossoming business.


Paul Saunders, the founder, chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp. has a lifelong understanding of business and ample experience in the field to help each and every potential borrower do more. He has held positions in the corporate finance department at Warburg Paribas and more. On top of that, he has also worked to create a charitable organization with his wife called the Saunders Family Foundation.

James River Capital Corp. is a foundation that was created to become an independent investment firm. The firm was officially founded in 1995 when Paul Saunders and his partner Kevin Brandt took over the firm from Kidder and changed it into the fantastic independent investment firm that it is today. James River Capital Corp. is a company that is registered at a Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator as well as an Investment Advisor with the SEC.

James River Capital Corp. is not your average investment company, they work with different classes like corporate credit, global macroeconomic strategies, fixed income arbitrage and more. Overall, this company works to help companies, startups and so much more to get the funding that they need to get their idea off the ground and working.

If you are looking for an investment firm that is going to make a difference, that is going to go the extra mile, and that is going to work to make sure you have the support and extra guidance that is needed to truly make a huge impact, James River Capital Corp. is a fantastic option.