Jack Plotkin

Jack Plotkin: Changing The Face Of Medicine

Jack Plotkin has always had a love for learning and technology. He believes that technology should be used for much more than it is currently, especially in the medical field. He feels medicine is missing the mark when it comes to using technology. Often, those connected to us via social media know more about us than our doctors.

Jack PlotkinAs one of the founding members of VirtualHealth, he is helping to change the way healthcare uses technology. He believes this improves the delivery of healthcare to the most vulnerable groups in the country. At one time, the cost was a major culprit for not using advanced technology and wireless devices, but state Medicaid, Medicare, and insurance companies are expanding the scope of what is covered.

Plotkin sees wearable wireless technology as the answer to bridge the gap between the real health of a patient and what the doctor does not see. The patient wears a watch, armband, pendant, or something similar and it constantly captures information about the patient as he goes through his day. It does not interfere with daily activities. The information is transmitted to the doctor and is put into a repository for data. This helps the doctor see a full view of the health of the patient.

As with all technology, it is constantly changing and improving. The hope is eventually the technology becomes more intelligent and alerts patients about medical reminders or conditions. It may be able to monitor the body and know when it is time to take a certain medication. It may determine that a patient needs more sleep. This allows patients to have the ability to receive medical advice on the go. It is like taking your doctor home with you.