Initiative of GPB Global Resources to Protecting the Environment

Since bringing awareness of global climate change in the late 1990s, more countries and companies are coming up with solutions. The world has many catastrophic events including flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, and storms which are raising international involvement among the people. Environmentalists and other professionals believe replenishing the earth with its sources of trees will contribute to reversing climate change effects. GPB Global Resources most recent environmental philanthropy efforts happened in July 2019.

The company’s subsidiary, GPB Ethiopia Resources helped the Ethiopian Government plant 1000 seeds to grow indigenous trees in designated areas. With the help of the people in two communities selected to plant the trees, the completion of the job occurred within 24 hours. July 29th was an important day for the country’s government with other communities taking part in the planting tree project. Ethiopia gained the world’s record from India by planting over 350 million trees in one day. The country had volunteers from the national and local governments and GPB Global Resources to help plant trees. See more on Twitter for more updates.

For over a century, the land in Ethiopia gradually became barren of its natural tree resources. Some reasons may be because of natural disasters and economic purposes. Whatever the cause, the country set a goal to plant 4 billion trees to reduce the impact of climate change. Leaders including the Prime Minister and civil servants worked with GPB Global Resources and communities on the special planting day. The Foreign Nations Embassies in Ethiopia along with United Nations and the African Union contributed to the tree-planting event.

Boris Ivanov started GPB Global Resources B.V. in the Netherlands in 2011 with the mission of exploring and producing oil. He pursues opportunities in the petroleum and mineral sectors of the oil & gas industry. In 2014, Ivanov established GPB Ethiopia Resources to work primarily in the proximity of Gewane while cooperating with its government. He formed a long-term partnership and committed to the development of local communities with completion ending in 2018. On the Ethiopia tree planting project, GPB Global Resources donated financially and distributed the seeds with the help of the company’s volunteers.