Fortress Investment Group has now introduced a direct lend fund as a way of boosting offering for its investors through a private credit effort. An excellent strategy that will allow its investors to access credit more than earlier on.

Additionally, Fortress Investment Group has also brought to the table an intellectual property investment, aircraft leasing, and a real estate debt and many more.

Fortress Investment Group is owned by SoftBank Group, which is a very successful investment in the world. It was founded back in 1998 in Newyork by Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman.

Initially, it operated as a private equity firm. Fortress investment has shown continuous growth, and over the years, they have partnered with many reputable companies. In 2017 they were acquired by SoftBank Group which was a deal that would help empower them more towards achieving their dreams in the investment business. Though being owned by Softbank Group, they continue to enjoy their freedom in day to day operations. And as well as decision making, this was solely part of the deal when they came together.

Some other investments that Fortress investment group has a stake in are,

  • Tiffany &company building in Florida.
  • Supervalu center in Pompano Beach, Florida.
  • Real Estate credit Fund-Whereby they have two funds. One of the funds deals with providing direct private equity while the other that deals with the purchase of real estate debt and other real estate assets.
  • Direct lending-Fund-as result of toughened conditions for banks’ private fund lending pool is quite an opportunity, and Fortress investment was quick to take this opportunity.
  • Patent Troll Fund-this is a fund aimed at regulating violation of intellectual property.
  • I-Pass Partnership-is mobile connectivity that provides wifi hot spot connection via an app. It is one of the most massive connection networks in the world, with over 64 million hotspots in public areas.

Fortress Investment has shown such a fantastic growth right from private equity funding to going public. Enhanced diversification in their services and investment has contributed to their success.

A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group