Healthcare Investor Ara Chackerian Shares His View On Reforestation

Ara Chackerian has spent his career working in the healthcare field. He invests in and builds healthcare startups that use innovative technologies to improve people’s lives. Working out of San Francisco, he also has a seat on the board of a number of Bay Area companies. He is also well known as a philanthropist who supports nonprofits in the United States and Nicaragua. This includes supporting educational causes that teach younger people skills.

The healthcare trend that Ara Chackerian is most closely following lately is digital healthcare. He says that telemedicine along with healthcare apps could potentially bring a lot of value to the healthcare system, reducing the amount people pay for care. He uses the example of a depressed person having an app on their phone that keeps track of things like the pace of their speaking and how often they talk to other people. Algorithms in the app would detect changes and let the person know they need to seek help.

He’s also an environmentalist. He wrote a blog entry about the danger of climate change and how it’s an urgent issue that needs to be addressed globally. Climate change is causing an increase in natural disasters around the world as well as droughts. Ara Chackerian points out that sea levels are rising and some coastal cities are already being flooded.

He wrote that reforestation is a way of getting humanity out of the mess it created. Ara Chackerian said that planting trees is the only way that is known that will reduce CO2 in the air and sequester it. It’s also a way of reducing poverty as people are needed to plant the trees. Planting trees will also reduce food insecurity and restore biodiversity.

He attended Florida State University, graduating in 2001. His investment firm is ASC Capital Holdings which he founded in June 2007.