Flavio Maluf; Successful Entrepreneurship

Having been born in a political and wealthy family, Flavio Maluf prides himself as a success story in business. Through hard work and skills acquired he was able to build a company empire, the Eucatex. Flavio is a mechanical engineer graduate, but his desire to venture into entrepreneurship made him focus more on business.

Eucatex was founded in 1951, but Flavio joined the company in 1987 in trade related areas where he eventually moved to administration and later on to the executive leadership .After he stepped in the leadership position the company expanded in 35 countries through subsidiaries .His growth in the business is credited with good performance in the previous departments. Check out flaviomalufoficial.com to know more.

Under the leadership of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex has grown uniquely in South America as it was the first factory to install a recycling plant thus being environmental friendly since the 1950s.The company specializes in building materials such as laminated floors, toys, wall partitions, door panels, furniture, vinyl flooring that originate from the Eucalyptus wood.

The company has recorded strides in terms of employment as it employs 2433 people making it largest employer in Brazil. It also ships its products to roughly 40 countries .According to recent performance in Real Brazilian, in 2017 fiscal year it accrued revenue of R$318 million, netting R$18.6 million. During that year the final quarter showed a growth rate of 1.2 % and for the first quarter of 2018 it grew with 0.4%,the companies continues to show growth even in tough economies. The company also strides in forest preservation from fires during the dry seasons by building firebreaks that prevent fire from vegetation areas.

Eucatex also helps families that have been covered by the forest unit generate income through a development program called, Apiculture program. They are provided with Apiculture pasture so that they can produce honey through bee keeping as there is a lot of flowering in the eucalyptus woods that the company owns.Eucatex most success story was the acquisition of a popular building panel manufacturer Duratex. With this acquisition, Eucatex had an 80% increase in building panels.