Fashion Designer Glenn Schlossberg Shares His Passion For Racing

Glenn Schlossberg is the founder and chief executive officer of Jump Design Group. This is a conglomerate that produces women’s fashion. His three main passions in life are his family and friends, creating clothing, and cars. He says he has always been a motorhead since even before he could get a driver’s license.

He enjoys owning and driving high-performance cars. He often races them on tracks in and around New York City. He does timed racing on local racing circuits and enjoys pushing the limits of what his car can do. Glenn Schlossberg says that he did motocross racing early on and once he could he moved on to fast cars.

He says he’s always been all about speed, both while racing and while designing women’s clothing. He is highly productive and can churn out designs that, start to finish, take just a few weeks to do. His turnaround time from concept to being on store shelves is the fastest of any of the major womenswear fashion lines.

Based on, in order to produce clothing so quickly, Glenn Schlossberg says that he has kept production of the clothes confined to just New York and New Jersey. Most of his competitors have overseas production facilities which means their turnaround times are far slower. He is still able to keep production costs down by using cutting-edge technology. He credits racing cars as teaching him how to cut corners in an efficient manner.

Glenn Schlossberg is always busy. He has many meetings to attend such as with his production, design, and sales teams. Since his clothing designs are sold around the world he often needs to travel around the world. He says that racing taught him how to keep up this very busy schedule, especially time attack racing.

In this type of racing, you are competing against your own former times. It’s not only safer than racing against others but it also can be done on your own schedule. He says that he does this racing on a dedicated track for it and finds it’s a great way to relax and enjoy himself. To see more about Glenn visit