Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews prove great customer service

Across these Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, the patient was seeking to have several procedures done on her following what she described as a less than enjoyable time with another surgeon prior. When she went to see Dr. Walden, the patient found herself in a drastically different experience from the previous one. With someone as careful, concise, and considerate as Dr. Walden, the patient came away from the fat transfer, breast revision and rhinoplasty satisfied with the service she received.


With these Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, the patient wanted to receive Botox and went to Dr. Walden’s Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. One of Dr. Walden’s staff members took note of what the patient wanted and needed and performed accordingly. The patient was very pleased with the outcome and returned to receive Dermaplaning for similarly positive results.

For these Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, the patient came to Dr. Walden’s facility in order to receive lip fillers and she is particular about who can get that close to her face. However, thanks to the exceptional customer service and procedure performed by one of Dr. Walden’s staff members, the injections turned out well and the patient was happy about the results. She suggested individuals seeking lip fillers come to Dr. Walden’s facility in order to have them done.

Throughout the plethora of glowing reviews for Dr. Walden and her staff, a common theme has been customer service and a high level of professionalism. Dr. Walden and her staff, according to these reviewers, go and have gone above and beyond to help those with cosmetic procedures of different kinds receive the best procedures their money can pay for. From their attention to detail to how open they are to listening to the needs and wants of patients, Dr. Walden and her staff will continue to see business and satisfied patients.