DonataMeirelles Push for HIV/AIDS Cure

DonataMeirelles is a celebrated fashion consultant and a Brazilian socialite. Meirelles made her name in the fashion industry having served as the director for Vogue Brazil (Fashion line). Apart from fashion, DonataMeirelles is a longtime advocate and supporter of AIDS education and research globally. She is known to attended annual meetings organized by the AIDS Support Foundation aimed at helping the cause. Donata uses the power of social media to continuously engage and challenge followers to help in the fight against AIDS. Her broad audience which is over 463,000 people on social media enables AIDS research to get funding and recognition. Read this article at for more fashion trends.

Recently, the New York Times reported that an HIV patient was cured for a second time. Meirelles was very excited because her efforts in supporting the journey towards establishing a cure for HIV/AIDS disease was not in vain. She started to support AmfAR after being introduced to the foundation by a friend, and she became an active member together with her family to the foundation. AmfAR is an NGO committed to HIV research, treatment education, prevention as well as advocacy of HIV/AIDS policies around the world. The foundation was initially started to reduce the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and raise funds for treatment/management of the disease.

Since its inception, amfAR has provided grants to organizations that drive new and innovative research development on effective treatment of HIV/AIDS-related maladies. Research gets the highest grant from the foundation. AmfAR receives its funding from fundraising and donations especially from AmfAR’s Annual Cinema Against AIDS. The events raise funds from sales of exclusive tickets and auctioning rare memorabilia. Celebrities such as Donata Meirelles donate items to be auctioned off on behalf of the organization. Meirelles believes that her continued support will bore fruits by establishing a cure by 2020. The gala events generate a generous amount that makes the cause worthy. Read More: