Doe Deere Launched Lime Crime As An Alernative Makeup Brand: People Get It

Doe Deere has always loved and protected animals, and when she debuted Lime Crime makeup in 2008, she and her team chose to maintain a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand.


Not every makeup label can say the same, but Doe Deere and her many fans care about how their makeup is made and where it comes from. That’s the beauty of Lime Crime; it’s ethically sourced, and its founder will never waiver from that position.


Another gorgeous aspect of Lime Crime is in its philosophy; Doe Deere created the bright and beautiful e-commerce makeup brand to offer customers a modern alternative. These are not average cosmetics in any sense of the word; the color palettes are strong and unique, and the glittery textures are shiny and longlasting.


Doe Deere calls her lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters and hair color tints whimsical and fantastical. Her makeup is playful, contemporary and unapologetic as she likes to say. For far too long, women were instructed on what they could wear at certain hours of the day, the colors they could put on to be socially acceptable and other rules like that.


Lime Crime walks to the beat of its own beauty drummer, and fans like the message. Doe Deere has helped pave the way for makeup that millennials would like to wear. The brand’s famous Venus Palette line is a fine example. The grunge eyeshadow kits are filled with pretty pans of colors that women were never allowed to put on. They would be considered naughty or wrong.


Eyeshadow shades in sexy russet, brick, pumpkin spice or mossy green might sound bizarre for the eye area, but when applied, these shadows rock! The palettes have become cult favorites, and there are now four in the original Venus Palette, Venus II, Venus XL and Venus III.


Doe Deere founded Lime Crime so that every person could find their own power through makeup. Beauty shouldn’t have to resemble a uniform.


Dita Von Teese adores Lime Crime lipstick; her favorite is the Velvetines “Red Velvet” shade.


Be bold and try some on, and feel strong in your choice.