ClassDojo is Listening to and Fulling the Needs of Classroom Teachers

Everyone wants to be heard in life. This is something that most people desire. Educators are often overlooked in the classroom and it frustrates them. Many people wrongly assume that teachers are treated with care and adoration. However, many teachers feel they are treated in the wrong way. ClassDojo is an educational app that treats classroom instructors with care.

ClassDojo is an educational app that is designed for teachers. Its founders decided to interview thousands of teachers to make the app useful for them. Teachers were asked how could an EdTech app help them to succeed. Many educators told the developers that the app must be practical and very productive for their needs. ClassDojo’s creators complied.

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the creators of ClassDojo. Their app is known within most education circles. Parents love this application because it gives them a clearer picture of their child’s in-school performance. Teachers know that this app makes communicating with parents more efficient. It also useful helping kids to give their best in school. Did you know that ClassDojo offers mindfulness training session to help kids to relieve stress that sometimes builds up throughout the day?

Chaudhary and Don want teachers to understand that this app has their back. Teachers know that they can rely on this program to communicate, evaluate student needs, keep track of student conduct and to provide pupils with useful resources. This app does these things and so much more. ClassDojo is an app for teachers that has helps them to do an outstanding job for their students and for themselves.

ClassDojo Receives $35 Million in Series C Funding