Carsten Thiel Helping Others For A Living

Carsten Thiel is the Preside of EUSA Pharma in Europe. He is very successful in this position because he amazing qualities including acting professionally and awesome leadership skills. He has a lot of experience in work with medical products, medical therapies, and more. He enjoys doing work that helps to improve the lives of patients.

Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin. He excelled as a student. He went through many years of schooling studying many different things including chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology. He received the degrees that he needed to jumpstart dream career. As soon as he completed his education he jumped straight into the working world. He started off working in communications, but quickly moved his way up the ladder.

It did not take many years before he landed a job heading the start up of a new product that helps with weight loss. The product that he was helping to develop is called Xenical. Having the education that he has in biochemistry helps him to develop the weight loss product that is going to help millions of people.

Carsten Thiel has helped to develop many other types of medications during his career. One of the medications that Carsten Thiel helped to develop helps to treat patients that are suffering from cancer.

Carsten Thiel has worked very hard for many years to get to where he is today. He enjoys helping out other people. Carsten Thiel is still working to grow success and there is no telling where the future is going to take him.

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