Betsy DeVos Is A Political Fighter

Anyone who has had the opportunity to meet Betsy DeVos in person could tell you that she is a very polite character in person. She is someone that you would like to spend some time with. However, she is not always known for this when it comes to her public persona. She is made to be a bad character by those who oppose her politically.


A Member Of The Trump Administration


As a member of the Trump Administration Betsy DeVos has taken on some certain characteristics that may not be fair to her. People have tied the two together because she was selected by the President to be the Secretary of Education.


Right from the jump DeVos has been a controversial character. She was barely passed through the Senate. She only won approval and votes from fifty of the Senators. The vote was 50-50 with the tiebreaking vote coming from Vice President Mike Pence. He of course voted in favor of allowing Betsy DeVos to become the Secretary of Education. However, it is probably not fair to make the only thing that we know about Betsy DeVos come from a struggle to get her nominated.


She Sometimes Differs From The President


An important thing to note about Betsy DeVos is the fact that she frequently differs from the President in terms of her political opinions. People sometimes think that whenever someone is nominated to the President’s cabinet that they are completely loyal and in agreement with everything that the President believes in. That is just not the case.


DeVos has differing opinions in terms of LGBTQ rights and many other issues. She warned LGBTQ groups before a policy came down from the Trump White House regarding the cancellation of Obama-era policies that protected transgender students. Those policies allowed transgender students use whichever bathrooms they felt comfortable with. Trump’s White House was not going to allow this, and Betsy DeVos wanted to warn the leading LGBTQ groups about this ahead of time. You can see that she was not completely in line with the White House in this particular situation.


A Charitable Person


The final thing to note is that Betsy DeVos is a very charitable person. She and her family has given a great deal of their fortune to causes that they believe in. Those causes have helped to advance humanity in a number of ways. Thus, you have to take a fuller picture of the personality of Betsy DeVos if you want to get to understand who she really is. A lot of people don’t give her the dignity of that and just start to make assumptions about her. Hopefully you will not be one of those individuals. Take a look at her complete record to get an idea of who she really is.


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