Betsy DeVos and a Just Universe

Betsy DeVos has a delicate appearance. She’s a lithe lady. People should never ever make any assumptions about her that are based on her looks, though. That’s because she’s not a weak woman in any manner. She’s a tough cookie. People who know her describe her that way regularly. Richard DeVos knows that his wife is a tough cookie. “Dick” appreciates that about her as well. He believes that being married to a tough lady is one of the most energizing things in the world.


Who is Betsy DeVos to the people of the United States? American citizens spot her in media outlets with significant frequency. She’s always in newspapers, magazines and books. She’s always on television screens as well. People who watch the news cannot stay away from her visage for long. She likes to take part in all sorts of media events. That’s because she likes having a platform to talk about the things that drive her thoughts each night.


Planning is a major aspect of DeVos’ existence. She likes to make preparations any time she can. Preparing helps her soar in her job as the United States’ sedulous Secretary of Education. Who gave her that desirable job? President Donald J. Trump gave it to her. He did so with alacrity, too. He wants DeVos to be able to transform schooling in all of the American states. He wants her to make students’ eyes light up. She frequently does so.


Some people say that the late actor James Dean was the epitome of grace under pressure. There are many people in this day and age who describe DeVos as being that way as well. She is. She’s consistently the portrait of cool under pressure. She doesn’t allow taxing circumstances to ever get the best of her. She realizes that acting out doesn’t achieve anything at all. It truthfully only makes things a lot worse for everyone.


How does DeVos help the planet? She helps the planet through a non-profit group that was named the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Who named it that? Dick and Betsy themselves did. They did so in the eighties. They don’t label the organization as being outdated or pointless. They believe in it just as much as they did on day one back in 1989. They probably believe in it even more. What does the organization do daily? It puts a lot of effort into American families and how they operate.


DeVos is a woman who has a maternal streak that’s out of this world. This maternal streak may be due to the fact that she’s a bona fide mother. She has adult kits who respect her deeply. DeVos has maternal feelings towards all sorts of children in America. These children don’t have to be related to her. She’s a person who treats all human beings 100 percent equally no matter what. Injustice gives her a feeling of disgust that she cannot easily shake. She wants the world to be just for everyone.


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