Best Benefits of Betterworks

Betterworks is a Continuous Performance Management® solution (CPM) to aid in workplace productivity and analytics. It provides tools to help managers manage their teams more effectively and facilitates the creation of a communication culture. While those aspects of the solution are fantastic, among the best benefits of Betterworks are that it is compatible with many existing systems and it is fully scalable.

Compatibility with Betterworks

While the Betterworks platform of tools, reports, and communication measures is fantastic on its own, it is fully compatible with a number of existing client management tools such as Jira and SalesForce. Its ability to integrate with these (and other) data-driven client interfaces makes it a perfect addition to most office settings. Through the integration of existing data and new data it aids in collecting, productivity can take a huge swing up. Identifying problem areas and finding equitable solutions has never been simpler.


Betterworks Pricing

Betterworks is fully scalable to the size of the organization. Some groups may find one or two aspects most useful and may opt for just those, whereas other companies may wish to obtain the “Cadillac” version. The best part of their pricing model is that companies only have to purchase the modules or components they need and can add or remove these or additional aspects at any time.

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