American Addiction Centers Enlightens Parents about the Prevalence of Drug Use on College Campuses

There are many parents whose children have managed to join various college campuses. Since the students had gone on holiday, they are bound to resume their studies in August.

As the students prepare to go back to school, American Centers has enlightened parents about the issue of drug abuse among the students while in college.

The drug abuse among college students has become a prevalent issue, and the college experience of these students is negatively affected.

According to the American Addiction Centers, 1 in 3 students has been exposed to the drug abuse menace. Some of the drugs being abused by these students include alcohol and other illicit drugs.

Substance use has become a significant issue, and it cannot easily end. Some surveys have also been carried out, and the number of college students who have been caught abusing alcohol in the past month is considerably high. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Rehabs and American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor

Other drugs that are being abused include amphetamine, and it is being used by almost 10% of college students. A few of the students have also admitted to using Adderall.

Missy Pollack works at the Recovery First Treatment Center. She is an alumni coordinator. Pollack has battled addiction in the past, and she has been assisting various people in the past five years. As for Missy Pollack, she was abusing alcohol and other substances during sports games. She has also gone ahead to talk about the availability of these substances on the college campuses.

Pollack was exposed to Adderall during her first semester in college. She was studying for her exams in the library, and a colleague offered her the drug. Although there were many people around at that moment, no one showcased some sense of being uncomfortable about the drug abuse issue.

After that, Pollack went ahead and abused the Adderall once more. She got addicted for a few years. Later, she realized that her behavior was uncontrollable, and she knew that she needed to look for help.

Some of the change that Missy Pollack exhibited included;

  • Her appearance changed rapidly.
  • Her behavior was awkward, and it could be likened to regular mood swings.
  • She was unable to sleep.
  • She used to lie a lot.
  • She was affected by paranoia.

At the moment, Pollack says that it would have been better if her addiction had been discovered sooner. For the individuals who are struggling with alcohol and substance addiction, they should visit the American Addiction Centers.

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