Alexis Kennedy And His Unique And Wonderful Electronic Games

Weather Factory is an independent video game company, and one of its founders is developer Alexis Kennedy. The company produces complex, story-based games, most notably occult-themed “Cultist Simulator.”

Alexis Kennedy became a video game entrepreneur after leaving his previous job as a software consultant. At the time, he was taking an enormous financial risk, but it all worked out. Because Weather Factory is a small company, he wears many hats in the production of its games.

His current team works remotely, so most of his days start with checking in to see what everyone else is doing and then hitting the ground running with writing, designing promotion and much more. There are many aspects to producing a winning game, and he has to be on top of all of them.

He says that the biggest challenge he has faced in running Weather Factory is getting attention for it. The company’s story-based games are a bit hard to describe and don’t fit clearly into any genre. Essentially, you have to play them to get them, so their initial mystery sometimes makes them difficult to promote.

What has helped a lot in the company’s early years is the strong following it has developed. People that are into Weather Factory games tend to be really into them, and that is a huge plus. However, he wants the games to reach a wider audience of players.

About Alexis Kennedy And His Work

Alexis Kennedy is an entrepreneur and video game developer based in London. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he previously ran Failbetter Games, which developed story-based games for the market. In 2016, he partnered with Lottie Devan to found Weather Factory, and the company’s signature game, “Cultist Simulator,” is developing an excellent buzz among players and critics.