Alejandro Betancourt Lopez on Embracing Innovation

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a Venezualen Entrepreneur who has been actively involved in several companies such as Pacific Exploration & Production, BDK Financial Group, O’Hara Administration and Hawkers, and his investor-led interests run the gamut from banking in Africa, oil exploration in Latin America, an asset management company, and a producer of high-end sunglasses.

Holder of B.S. degrees in both International Economics and Business Administration from he Suffolk University of Massachusetts, after completing his education he returned to his native home of Venezuela where he worked first at a company in Venezuela related to the energy sector and in the exploration, production and trade of oil and its derivatives, then worked for a company involving international trade in goods, finance, real estate and farming, followed by a stint at BPG energy as its CEO.

In 2007 Alejandro Betancourt Lopez felt the time was right to step out on his own and he teamed up with another Venezuelan to form a company involving thermoelectric power plants.

Within a few years, their company had built 11 power plants within Latin America, generating billions of watts of energy.

In 2015 Alejandro Betancourt Lopez led the O’Hara Administration, an international conglomerate of investors, to become the majority shareholder in approximately 20 percent of the assets in Pacific Exploration & Production (now called Fronteira.)

Frontera has expanded many times over in its exploration of petroleum resources, both in Latin America and elsewhere, and O’Hara has reaped the rewards.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez attributes his success to not avoiding risk if the opportunity for a sound investment is there and embracing innovation in business.

He touts his latest major investment in Hawkers, a high-end sunglass maker as an example. noting that heavy use of social media has catapulted Hawkers into the limelight and that customers appreciate the ready, user-friendly appeal of the company.

Being able to roll with the tide and face innovation as it presents itself in business is a key to Mr. Lopez’s success.

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