Years After Being Ousted, Isabel dos Santos Rejoins Unitel

Isabel dos Santos has long been Africa’s richest woman, having developed quite an extensive portfolio across a number of different industries. On top of this, dos Santos’ investment range has spread across a number of different countries, with the majority being in Portugal and her native Angola. Throughout this time, she’s developed quite a reputation as a leading business mind who’s played a part in a variety of key strategies that have helped her company grow. One of the most prominent of these in the past few years has been Unitel, a telecommunications giant based in Angola. For more information about Isabel Dos Santos, view her crunchbase profile

However, the relationship between Isabel dos Santos and Unitel hasn’t always been smooth. This is chiefly because she spent several years as the company president before being ousted by Joao Lourenco, who has acted as president of Unitel since 2017. Not long after dos Santos left, however, the telecommunications firm became involved in some controversy; the majority of this centered around complaints from shareholders alleging that dividends weren’t being properly paid. This dispute eventually went to an arbitration court, which settled on behalf of the shareholders. Because of this, there was quite a large amount of tension between investors and upper management. As a result, shareholders began looking for new board members.

One of the more prominent of these investors was Angolan oil company Sonangol, which owns a quarter of the telecommunications firm. As such, one of the first potential board members that were thought of was Isabel dos Santos because of her prior history with the company. Furthermore, three other board members were voted in to replace existing members. That being said, this hasn’t been the only change in Unitel’s upper management in recent months. With vote came a new general director, with Miguel Geraldes replacing Antony Dolton. Geraldes may be best known for working with Huawei, where he served as a former senior consultant.

Isabel dos Santos and the rest of the new hires will officially start with the company on May 6, when a new board session is set to begin. At this time, a new president of the board is set to be chosen.