Why Fabletics Is Opening Up New Stores Worldwide

If you’re a workout fanatic who loves stylish athletic clothes, you’ve surely heard of Fabletics by now. Kate Hudson’s fashion brand has dominated the world of fitness apparel since its launch in 2013. Now, the brand is taking things overseas, launching new brick-and-mortar stores in Europe over the next three to five years.

The Idea Behind Fabletics

As a fitness fanatic, actress Kate Hudson decided to start her own athletic apparel company with a focus on creating high-quality yet affordable pieces. On the brand’s website, one can spend an entire day looking through the various styles of sports bras, casual jersey dresses, jogging pants and leggings. Fabletics apparel items are made with high-tech sweat-resistant materials and are built to endure the most intense workouts.

Fabletics shoppers can choose between purchasing individual items by adding them to an online shopping cart or subscribing to the VIP membership program. As VIP members, they pay $49.95 each month to receive a complete athletic outfit in the mail. By subscribing, each item costs less and shipping is free.

The outfit is selected for the VIP member based on a lifestyle quiz that they take when they sign up. This quiz is intended to give Fabletics an idea of their fashion tastes and favorite exercises.

Undeniable Value

Teri Hutcheon, the blogger behind A Foodie Stays Fit, joined the VIP membership program upon discovering its amazing value. The quality of Fabletics apparel pieces is evident in each item’s ability to hold up after several washes and intense workout sessions.

Teri also loves the styles that Fabletics offers. With such a wide variety of prints, fabrics and silhouettes, there’s always something new and exciting getting shipped to her door.

The Fabletics Physical Stores

Kate Hudson has spent the last couple of years launching Fabletics brick-and-mortar stores in different regions across the United States. While many physical stores are closing their doors thanks to the power of online retail, Hudson has created a new approach to the brick-and-mortar store. These stores act as reverse showrooms, displaying Fabletics products while urging shoppers to purchase through the website. When a shopper brings items to the dressing room, those items appear in their online shopping cart.

Fabletics also relies heavily on user data when it comes to stocking each store. For example, if Fabletics sells more capri leggings than jogging pants in California, Fabletics stores in California will stock accordingly. Plus, the company tracks which items are trending on social media so that they can be featured in the stores.

This reverse showroom strategy works because it allows customers to feel and see Fabletics items in person.

Fabletics has found the reverse showroom strategy to be extremely successful, earning the company tremendous revenue. In fact, Fabletics is currently selling more athletic gear than online retail giant Amazon.

To start getting stylish workout outfits in the mail each month, visit fabletics.com and fill out the lifestyle quiz!