Wes Edens Fortress Investment Group Founder and Serial Entrepreneur

Wes Edens runs the Fortress Investment Group. The company filed for its initial public offering in November, 2018. The company is a leader in the gas industry. The IPO aimed to raise close to $100 million. Jamaica is where the company has focused much of its efforts in meeting infrastructure and natural gas needs.

Beyond Jamaica, the company has experienced accelerated growth. Today, the Fortress Investment Group has robust growth prospects. With three Jamaican terminals, the company has an additional three in development stages in Ireland, and Puerto Rico. There are 10 additional liquefaction facilities planned. The Mexico development project breaks ground in Mexico’s Baja California Sur. This terminal dedicates itself to importing natural gas in a liquefied state. Mexico awarded the company a long-term contract to develop a terminal in the port of Pichilingue.

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Wes Edens helped cofound the Fortress Investment Group. He also has ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise along with other sports franchises. Obviously, he is a man of many interests. Operating at his level opens up doors to numerous business opportunities.

Wes Edens also has a heart for siding with the underdog. One of his strengths is to enable people to get on board with his vision. Of course, his life growing up has contributed to how he moves through the world today. He grew up on a Montana ranch, and spent a great deal of his childhood exploring the outdoors. He loved sports as a teen, and was a competitive ski racer. He also found time to rock climb around the Jackson, Wyoming area.

He has a lot of adventure and competitiveness in his soul. He also knows what hard work is having grown up on a farm. Edens is a good example of how a person’s past can shape their future. Wes Edens has his finger on the pulse, and is always looking for the next investment.

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