Vijay Eswaran Has Helped QNET Become A Global Leader

QNET is quickly becoming the largest direct selling company in Asia. They operate in over 100 countries and they’ve been increasing their manufacturing capacity to grow even faster. The direct sales model has been used by companies all around the world and does very well. Notable firms are taking in revenues in the double digit billions area. That’s a lot of motivation to keep sales people interested. Direct sales companies recruit independent sales representatives who can start their business for very low amounts of capital.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the head of QI Group of Companies, parent of QNET. This businessman from Malaysia established QNET in 1998 when he realized there were no other companies doing exactly the same thing. Eswaran was convinced that a powerhouse company could be formed by harnessing the power of the Internet with the reach of direct sales. That mission statement has served the company well as QNET has continued to recruit via online channels and through direct selling. Eswaran was not well-connected or financed when he started the business, but he had a strong desire to succeed. He attributes the success that QNET has had to the desire to never give up. Eswaran helps to guide QNET by maintaining a positive attitude that teaches others to keep on persisting, no matter what the difficulties may be. Eswaran believes that although business is taught in schools, it’s intangible qualities that determine whether individuals succeed or not. If they stay committed and don’t become discourage by disappointments they’ll do well. Eswaran believes that it’s important to keep yourself motivated to handle challenges. He’s proud that his company has touched and improved the lives of so many people. That’s the whole point of running a direct sales company.

QNET espouses a philosophy of service to others. The best way for their independent representatives to succeed is by offering value to those they come into contact with. By helping them to improve their lives, they’re able to make sales and raise their incomes. The more they can do to get the word out about QNET, the more they’re able to work their way up the ladder as a representative. The business model has worked all around Asia for those who remain motivated. Independent representatives are given the training they need to correctly sell QNET’s line of wellness products. They can make large incomes, especially if they’re successful at recruiting a downline. QNET has spent quite a bit of money on product quality and market research so that their product sells well. Eswaran believes the key determining factor is that the distributors take action and stay focused on making contacts. Those who do that consistently end up increasing their incomes rapidly and constantly. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran :